Broiler Growing Equipment


agritech-brands-page-01-01Founded in 1954, SKOV offers renowned and innovative systems within poultry production production computers and feed and animal weighers. Back in the 1960s, the SKOV farm began broiler production which resulted in a need for controlling ventilation.

Over the years SKOV have perfected their ventilations systems which are designed to ensure an optimum house climate. Their systems are extremely efficient so that the animals experience the best growing conditions possible.

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Airway Element:  A packaged ventilation system for hatcheries delivered in a 40ft container ready to “plug and play”.  Optimized ventilation supplying 100% fresh air at the correct temperature, humidity and pressure for the incubators and hatchers.  Efficient distribution of the hot and cold water required by the incubation equipment and the ventilation of the hatchery.

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agritech-brands-page-04Chore-Time Poultry Production Systems (PPS) specialises in grain handlers, poultry feeders and poultry drinkers.

Their products are both reliable and of a high quality and are all manufactured in their own 300,000 square foot facility. They have been a leading global designer and manufacturer of poultry systems since 1952 and are well known by both customers and suppliers around the world.

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agritech-brands-page-05Founded in 1983 Corti has become a major player in the poultry equipment business. In 1991 they purchased one of their competitors (a leading poultry drinker manufacturer) and this turned Corti into one of the major poultry drinker system and poultry accessories manufacturers in the world.

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Hatchery Equipment


A complete line of egg and chick automation equipment for modern hatcheries which optimize productivity and bio-security.

From the egg room, candling, CLEANchick™ technology through to the chick room and waste management, Innovatec offer class leading technology in hatchery automation. Innovatec’s latest technology the Ultimate In-Ovo Egg Injection system minimizing vaccine wastage, maximizing chick performance and the highest possible bio-security during injection.

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Founded in 1998, PMJ specialized in duck processing equipment and creating custom-made solutions for customer-specific poultry processes.

Nowadays, PMJ is market leader in the duck processing niche and waterfowl. From their factory in the Netherlands, PMJ supplies innovative machinery all over the world. From live bird handling, slaughtering, plucking, waxing and evisceraction all the way to grading and packing, and with solutions handling 500 up to 8.000 products per hour. No matter the challenge, PMJ’s proven solutions will prepare you for the future.

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Jamesway is the worry free solution to all your poultry hatchery equipment needs offering a full range of incubation systems, poultry ventilation systems, hatchery automation and accessories.

For over 100 years, Jamesway has been providing its customers with the most innovative products and practices including the longest used Multi-Stage incubation process in the world as well as the patented Air Flow, the plastic egg flat, and Single-Stage incubation.

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High quality, day old chick vehicles with Eco Transport technology. The ideal combination of temperature, humidity and fresh air supplied to the chicks during their journey from the hatchery to the farm at the lowest possible transport cost.

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